Nx Witness Download Tool


NX witness is a ‘Lean and Mean’ video management system. It has already many features that can be increased by using the API build inside. This application can be used to download images that are on the NX Witness server to a specific folder.

The duration of the downloaded images can be dynamic or fixed. You have to set the camera rules in NX witness to create a bookmarks and record images. After that you can use this application to download the images. It is also possible to automate this process.

When you have any questions about this tool or need a similar solution please contact us. We will find a suitable solution.



Nx Witness Download Tool v1.0.0.0

User Manual Download Tool v1.0


Download the ‘publish.zip’ file and unpack it on your system. Look in the folder for the file setup.exe. Follow the steps accordingly.

System requirents

Build for Microsoft Windows 10, Server 2016 or Server 2019. Build for Network Optix NX Witness version 4.1


You can order a license by sending an email with ‘Request ID’ to support@connectrick.nl. Without license you are not able to download images.